Hostess Honeybun Product Imagery

Post Hostess™ Honey Bun cereal

Post Hostess™ Honey Bun cereal delivers the sweet taste of America’s favorite breakfast pastry right to your cereal bowl for a sweet start to the day.

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Donettes Product Card

Post Hostess™ Donettes™ cereal

Post Hostess™ Donettes™ cereal turns an all-time snack favorite into a cereal bowl-friendly treat, whether in your bowl our or straight from the box.

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twn homepage product hero

Post Hostess™ Twinkies™ cereal

The iconic, golden goodness that has enchanted the masses for generations is now making its debut on your breakfast table. Now you can enjoy all that classic flavor in an all new tiny, crunchy Hostess™ Twinkies™ cereal. Try a bowl, and brighten your day one sweet bite at a time!